Thursday, February 27, 2020

Completing a threat assessment of ANSAR DINE. This entity poses a Essay

Completing a threat assessment of ANSAR DINE. This entity poses a threat to the United States in some way - Essay Example It is advisable that the US government should take this matter into serious consideration due to the fact that being an integrated part of ‘al-Qaeda’ it might raise threat against the interest of the US in the long run. One of such instances regarding this context includes the destruction of the ‘United Nations declared Heritage Sites’ in the area of Timbuktu, by Ansar Dine. This incident has raised severe levels of concerns for both the US as well as the security interests of the world along with bringing forward certain cases of humanitarian crisis2. Furthermore, the killing of ‘Osama bin laden’ (the leader of al-Qaeda) has further intensified the quest of this terrorist organization in the context of jeopardizing the western interests. Before the attack on the ‘World Trade Centre’ also known as (the attack of 9/11), the US government took the activities of this Islamic fundamentalist group in a casual manner. However, the attack of 9/11 completely changed the attitude of the US government towards this terrorist affiliate organization. The current fear of the US government is regarding the driving of the Ansar Dine militants into the ungoverned areas of the Sahara desert by the French army. The reason being, those ungoverned desert areas within Northern Mali can act as a settlement area for the al-Qaeda affiliates such as Ansar Dine3 This in turn has further increased the intensity of threat from this group both from the domestic as well as international perspective. This is due to the fact that Norther n Mali is a deserted border location within West Africa. Due to the geographical location of Mali, it will be easy for this Islamic fundamentalist group to easily smuggle funds, illegal machineries along with weapons from not only other states but also from the neighboring nations thereby increasing the threat intensity of the terrorist

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